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Requests and Reservation Confirmation

• Submitting data through our information forms is a non-binding inquiry for IBIZAVIPYACHT.COM. The provided information should be accurate and clear to ensure a smooth pre-booking process. Clients can trust that their data will be protected according to data protection laws.

• Inaccurate or incomplete information in the automatic payment system may result in the inability to guarantee the service. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny admission based on such circumstances.

• Reservation requests made through our automatic payment system will only be considered effective upon receiving a confirmation via email or phone call from IBIZAVIPYACHT.COM.

• To confirm a reservation through our automatic payment system, a 50% deposit of the total charter fee is required. Clients will have 3 days from the confirmation email to make the payment. The remaining amount is to be paid before boarding as per the agreement with the charter company.

• The information displayed in our automatic payment system is provided by our trusted service providers and brokers. They are solely responsible for updating rates, availability, extras, and other relevant details on IBIZAVIPYACHT.COM.

• We reserve the right to modify and update any information, including descriptions, rates, availability, and more, on our website and in the automatic payment system. We strive to provide accurate information but cannot be held responsible for errors, temporary server issues, or misleading information.


• We offer various payment methods, including bank transfer, payment gateway, and cash (up to the legal limit).

• To secure a reservation, a 50% deposit of the total charter fee must be paid after receiving the confirmation email. The remaining balance will be settled before boarding or as agreed with the charter company.

• Deposits are to be made via bank transfer when formalizing the contract with the charter company. They will be refunded at the end of the rental period after deducting any damages or unreplaced consumables (if applicable).

• The full payment of the charter fee must be settled before the service is provided.

• Any additional expenses, such as fuel, provisions, damages caused by misuse, and other applicable charges, are the responsibility of the client and should be settled at the end of the charter.


• The prices displayed on IBIZAVIPYACHT.COM include all taxes and are provided by our trusted service providers. The rental fee does not cover certain services like meals or mooring outside the base port. Our vessels are fully insured and authorized for this type of activity.

• Unless stated otherwise by the charter company, rental prices include mooring, electricity, water at the base port, full equipment as per the boat’s inventory, and full fuel tanks (to be returned in the same condition or deducted from the deposit upon arrival, if applicable).

• Any claims or disputes regarding the boat rental between the client and the owner shall be addressed by the involved parties, as we act as a third party in the rental relationship. IBIZAVIPYACHT.COM cannot be held responsible for such matters.

• Similarly, claims or disputes arising between the client and sub-lessees/brokers will be handled by the respective parties involved. IBIZAVIPYACHT.COM is recognized as a third party in the rental relationship and disclaims any liability in relation to the contracted service.

• We are not liable for decisions made by clients to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as breakdowns, inclement weather, or crew unavailability. Refunds or compensations, if applicable, are the responsibility of the charter company and subject to their contractual terms.

• The cancellation policy varies depending on the charter company, with different percentages and conditions based on the time of cancellation. IBIZAVIPYACHT.COM will communicate the specific cancellation policy upon reservation, if provided by the charter company.

• Please note that charges for cancellations made within 2 days prior to the departure/service will not be refunded under any circumstances. It is recommended to review the cancellation policy in detail before making a reservation.

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